2019.09.26 [Topic]
Festival Muse

The 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival welcomes actress Alice Hirose as the Festival Muse. Ms. Hirose will appear at the opening event as the face of the 32nd TIFF and appeal widely to cinema goers.

Alice Hirose Actress
Alice HiroseiMessage: I am so delighted and honored to be the Festival Muse. I wasn’t sure if I was worthy of the title at first. I had the opportunity to walk on the red carpet of Tokyo International Film Festival as a cast member for Miko Girl, The Gun, and The Travelling Cat Chronicles. So, I know how special it is to have not only domestic but also international audiences for the films that I took part in. The experiences from last year and the year before are still vivid in my memory. The festival has a distinctive atmosphere, warm welcome, and a feeling of coziness that I genuinely love. I wished that the moment could last forever. I can’t wait to share an exceptional time with as many people as possible, and I am already very much looking forward to those moments. I am hoping to come across a film that feels like I was fated to see it, and I will spread the word about how great movies are.

Born in Shizuoka in 1994, Alice Hirose made her acting debut in Masaki Adachi’s Shinizokonai no Ao in 2008. Active in film and theater, she currently hosts TV show “Another Sky II”, while her face appears regularly in commercials and magazines. Since gaining attention for her performance in NHK drama “Warotenka (Laugh It Up!)” (2017), Hirose has starred in a number of other TV dramas including “Radiation House” (2019). Her recent film credits include Keisuke Yoshida’s Silver Spoon (2014), Shion Sono’s Shinjuku Swan II (2017) and Masaharu Take’s Gun (2018). After playing the lead in Mari Asato’s Hyouka: Forbidden Secrets (2017) and Gu Su-yeon’s Miko Girl (2018), Hirose will appear next in Yu Irie’s AI Houkai, set for release in January 2020.

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