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Winners of following awards excluding Audience Award will be determined by the President and four members of the International Competition Jury.
Members of the International Competition Jury >
The trophy has been newly designed since the 30th Festival by implementing the Edo Kiriko glass cutting method, the traditional craft of Tokyo, and will be presented to the Tokyo Grand Prix winner and awardees of other competitive sections
  • Tokyo Grand PrixUS$30,000
  • Special Jury PrizeUS$5,000
  • Award for Best DirectorUS$3,000
  • Award for Best ActressUS$3,000
  • Award for Best ActorUS$3,000
  • Award for Best Artistic
  • Best Screenplay AwardUS$3,000

Audience voting will determine the winner of this award. Prize money will be given by TIFF Minato Committee.
  • The Audience AwardUS$10,000

Asian Future
The section is intended for up-and-coming directors of Asia who have completed maximum of 3 or less feature films. The Spirit of Asia Award by the Japan Foundation Asia will be presented to a director who is expected to outstand internationally beyond the differences of culture. Three jury members will determine the winner.
Members of the Jury Asian Future >
  • Asian Future Best Film AwardUS$10,000
  • The Spirit of Asia Award
    by the Japan Foundation Asia Center

Japanese Cinema Splash
This section introduces the intriguing diversity of Japanese films to the world. The purpose of this award is to support and encourage Japanese filmmakers. Three jurors will select one film for the award.
Members of the Jury Japanese Cinema Splash >
  • Japanese Cinema Splash
    Best Film Award¥1,000,000
  • Japanese Cinema Splash
    Best Director Award¥300,000

Tokyo Gemstone Award
In keeping with our vision of "cultivating a future for film," the Tokyo International Film Festival established the Tokyo Gemstone Award for acting last year. It will be given to a handful of up-and-coming actors and actresses whose talent is deemed worthy of international recognition. By spotlighting these gemstones of raw talent, we hope to help them further shine. Young actors and actresses in all films presented at the festival will be eligible for the award. The Tokyo International Film Festival Secretariat will select actors and/or actresses not only from Japan, but around the world.
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