2019.06.26 [Updates]
TIFF Announces CROSSCUT ASIA #06: Fantastic Southeast Asia

Thrills, Chills and Romantic Tales of the Supernatural

Crosscut06The 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is pleased to announce that its CROSSCUT ASIA section entitled Fantastic Southeast Asia will focus on Southeast Asian genre films, from thrillers to romantic horrors, reflecting regional characteristics in the region. This 6th edition of the section has been programmed in collaboration with the Japan Foundation Asia Center. The 32nd TIFF will take place October 28 – November 5, 2019 at Roppongi Hills and other venues in Tokyo.

The Japan Foundation Asia Center’s CROSSCUT ASIA series showcases diverse Asian films, from rarely-seen masterpieces to popular entertainment, with a focus on specific countries, directors or themes. Following the first three editions, which featured works from Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia, the fourth and fifth editions encompassed a larger area of Southeast Asia, with works from young filmmakers in the region recommended by maestros, as well as with films highlighting the rich variety of musical genres.

CROSSCUT ASIA #06: Fantastic Southeast Asia will showcase a lineup of genre films, from thrillers by international film festival favorites like Lav Diaz‘s first-ever sci-fi, The Halt (2019); to supernatural tales encompassing legends from across the region, such as the horror-fantasy-action film Sisters (2019) by Prachya Pinkaew, director of Chocolate (2008). It will also feature an episode of the Eric Khoo-produced HBO Asia horror series, Folklore: Tatami (2018) directed by Japanese actor Takumi Saitoh.
This year’s CROSSCUT ASIA will allow the audience to discover unexpected wonders from across the region.

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The Japan Foundation is Japan’s principal independent administrative institution dedicated to carrying out cultural exchange initiatives throughout the world. The Asia Center, established in April 2014, is a division within the Foundation that conducts and supports collaborative initiatives with its Asian-primarily ASEAN-counterparts. Through interacting and working together in Japanese-language education, arts and culture, sports, and grassroots and intellectual exchange, the Asia Center pursues to develop the sense of kinship and coexistence as neighboring inhabitants of Asia.

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