"TIFF Plus"

The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) began holding TIFF Plus special collaborative events
with a variety of cultural organizations from 2018,
to more widely share the joys of cinema and cultivate cultural exchanges.
The festival will host an exciting event,
TIFF Plus Tech, during the 32nd festival in collaboration with NTT DOCOMO,
giving participants the exciting opportunity to experience the much-anticipated 5G technology.
Japanese Animation: The Evolution of Japanese Animation / VFX

This section presents the works that are milestones for international recognition of the culture of visual expression through animation and VFX, summarizing the historical progress of the industry.
Japanese Animation / VFX

TIFF Plus Tech
32nd TIFF Virtual×Real×Tech Live - featuring Live Animation Heart × Algorhythm -
11.2 [Sat]~11.3 [Sun]Roppongi Hills Arena (6-9-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
1st Session 16:00-, 2nd Session 18:00-
Admission free

At TIFF Plus Tech, virtual idols, live performers and participants at the site will be able to take part in a Virtual + Real + Tech Live Show featuring Live Animation Heart + Algorhythm by way of a high-speed 3D scanning system, which will put them on a virtual stage together with the virtual idols. In addition to the chance to view the event on the large-sized LED screen installed at the venue, participants will also be able to experience immersive VR-HMD viewing made possible by 5G telecommunications. By inviting participants to directly experience 5G and other leading-edge technologies, the event aims to attract national and international attention for new Japanese entertainment.

Live Animation Heart + Algorhythm is a virtual idol-themed project co-produced by NTT DOCOMO of Japan and China Mobile’s Migu, providing live-streaming, cutting-edge interactive experiences to audiences in Japan and China. This event is part of the Japan Content Localization and Distribution (J-LOD) Subsidy Project supported by METI, which aims to produce innovative digital content for global distribution.

32nd TIFF Virtual×Real×Tech Live - featuring Live Animation Heart × Algorhythm -
Participants will be able to enjoy music performances and perform together with TIFF-themed virtual characters. This will be made possible via ANTAOMe™, a high-speed 3D scanning system presented by 1-10, Inc. The scanner will be set up at the venue, enabling participants to generate their 3D avatar and join the virtual characters as backup dancers, as they dance along to Live Animation Heart + Algorhythm music on a special stage against a large LED screen. In addition to the LED-screen viewing experience, the event will build a 5G network enabling participants to enjoy a fully immersive VR live-stage experience via VR goggles and a 5G smartphone with a built-in next-generation real-time live distribution system developed by Pulse, Inc. Creating the computer graphic visuals for the stage are DMM RESORTS, the company behind "Live Animation Heart + Algorhythm 2nd Season." As general producer, Just Production Inc. will create a live show that can be enjoyed both on VR devices and large LED screens. Stage direction will be provided by Alice Inc., a company with extensive experience in event producing and planning, including past Live Animation Heart + Algorhythm events. DOCOMO is proud to co-create with its partners to bring the participants a completely new fusion of the virtual and the real on stage.

The Live Animation Heart + Algorhythm♪ will hold an event at the Tokyo International Film Festival! The visitors who attend the event on the day may earn opportunities to appear and participate in the performance with Kilin, Xi and the performers using high-speed 3D scanner “ANATOMe” and experience the world of Live Animation Heart + Algorhythm♪. The participants will also be able to experience Kilin and Xi’s stage in the VR space using the latest technology 5G. On 11.2 [Sat] in the 1st Session, PICOTARO will make an appearance as a special supporter. Look forward to the dream co-starring of Kilin, Xi and PICOTARO.

Special Supporter: PICOTARO (11.2 [Sat]16:00- 1st Session Only)

MC: Americazarigani Yoshiyuki Hirai

TIFF Plus Tech

Guests: Virtual characters Kilin & Xi (Live Animation Heart + Algorhythm)

Co-hosted by NTT DOCOMO,inc.

TIFF Plus Tech
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